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Results: Spagyric Tincture using an unknown flower

I've created and refined my first spagryic tincture, and gotten results from it's use!

For those not in the know, a spagyric tincture is an alchemical product made using a plant. The Process is deceptively simple; the results immediate and powerful.

To create spagryic tinctures, the following equipment is required:

1 Mason Jar
1 Mortar and Pestle
1 Knife, blessed in Ritual Spagyric Supplies
1 Plant, that will be evolved by our Alchemy
1 Container containing a pure Alcohol
1 Retort
1 Butane Burner w/Fuel
1 Tripod/stand for the Retort
Filtering Paper-lab grade is nice, but a couple of coffee filters will do just fine.
1 ceramic container for heating
1 Receiving Flask
You will need some plastic wrap-to cover the lid of the Mason Jar, to prevent the metal from contacting the tincture.

First Method

Pick the plant during either the Planetary hour of the power being worked, or during sunrise on the Day the Planet rules. Should you wish to work with a Plant's Elemental energies, simply pick the plant during the appropriate elemental tide. Astrological energies may be accessed by picking the plant when the Sun is in the house of the Sign you wish to work with.

Say a short prayer before beginning, thanking both the Plant for it's sacrifice, and calling upon the deity to bless the results of your work. This plant is Isis, in it's Virginal State. State the intended goal of the work (which should, one way or the other, be rooted in self-evolution. This is the difference between Theurgy and base sorcery. Don't feel that this limits you; the work of self-evolution covers a lot of ground) and pluck up the plant by its roots. Enter into your temple space, and work if possible by candle light from this point onward.

Use a knife blessed ritually for this purpose, and chop the plant into parts as small as you can make them. Whilst doing this, have a prayerful state of mind, and envision the Goal of the work. Use your breath to inhale the LVX, and as you exhale, send a cloud of the LVX via visualisation and the will to surround the First Matter that you are working with (the plant). The work of Alchemy takes place on multiple levels at once-In the Soul (Sulfur), Spirit (Mercury), and the Salt (Body). It is important that you conduct the work with full awareness of this. Following recipes for herbal tinctures/plant Stones without utilizing the energy of LVX or the concentrative powers of the mind is fruitless.

Having chopped the First Matter as finely as possible, place the matter into the Mortar, and begin grinding with the Pestle. Again, as you do this, focus strongly on the goal, and expel the LVX into the matter as you exhale.

When it is ground as fine as you can make it, take the matter and place it in a Mason Jar. Pour the pure alcohol over the matter, until the alcohol is twice as high in the jar as the top of the matter. It is important to leave some air in the jar, as the process of Fermentation requires Air to enable the seperation and concentration of the Soul of the plant (Sulphur) into the transferative medium (the alchohol, which is the Mercury). Cover the mason jar with Aluminum foil (which seems to severly diminish the penetration of mental currents. This is a good thing, as the matter and its Essence will be very sensitive and receptive to mental and astral currents during it's fermentation) and set it in a warm place, where it will not be disturbed. I prefer to set it high up, where the Light of the Sun will warm it, without people disturbing it. The warmth enables the expansion and contraction, which in turn allow the seperation and concentration to take place.

Leave the Tincture within the dark womb of the Mason Jar for at least Seven Days. At the appropriate hour, open the Jar. The liquid will be Dark, as it has absorbded the Life of the plant. Using the filtering papers, filter this Sulphur and Mercury away from the Salt. Close the Jar containing this part of the Tincture, and, vibrating HARP PAR KRA TES and using the Sign of Silence, envision the jar surrounded in a blue mist, preventing the penetration of the Jar (and thus the tincture) by unwanted thoughtforms. Put this aside for now.

Take up the dead matter of the plant, and having placed it within your ceramic container, place it upon/within your heating apparatus. There are a couple of solid methods, such as atop a butane set up such as the one I have pictured, or within a patio grill, atop aluminum foil. Set the matter alight, so that the Salt may be refined into it's purest state. ***Remember here the INRI of the Analysis of the Key Word ritual. Igne Natura Renovatur Fire, Nature is perfectly renewed! The alcohol of your Mercury should fuel this burn for some time. When it has finished burning, place it in the Mortar and grind it down to ash with the Pestle. Repeat this process, adding more of the Mercury if necessary, until you have a fine powder of ashes.

When the powder is fine, set the ceramic vessel within the oven or atop your burner, and heat it. Use the most intense heat that you can apply. This is the process of Calcination. When you see grey/white ash beginning to form, scrape this off into a container and save it. The goal is to create as much white ash-the perfectly refined Salt-as possible. The entire process above is Apophis, the seperation, the Destroyer.

When this is completed, once more say a prayer and enter a meditative state. Contemplate the refined and Seperated parts of the Plant. They are Osiris Slain.

Recombine the seperated and refined parts into the Mason jar, stirring the mixture, evolved now and of higher vibration-the Salt of the Body and the Sulphur+Mercury. ( The Mercury carries the Sulphur within it's Womb.) Let this rest for at the very least one week, and preferrably for one entire Moon Cycle, so that the mixture may gestate, and the Mercury further absorb the qualities of both the Sulphur and of the refined Salt.

After this time has passed, set up your retort, receiving flask (this can be any container, really. It needed be a lab flask) and Butane burner. Enter once more into a meditative, and say a prayer of thanks-giving to the Deity. Pour the tincture into the retort, seal the top, and set the burner Alight.
Now, the Mercury will rise from the tincture with the application of heat, and transfer to the receiving flask. Perform the Analysis of the Key Word riual; during the final Vibration of LVX, visualize a pillar of white light descending into the receiving flask and joining the Mercury. This Mercury will contain the refined Essence of the Plant-we have seperated, refined, and re-combined the parts of the plant, so that the finished product is of much higher vibration. This new Mercury is the true Tincture, and contains Osiris Risen-treat it as such! Place it within a specially marked/decorated bottle.

Take up a glass filled with distilled water, and add around 2ml of the completed Tincture. Drink this tincture, and then sit in meditation. Make careful record of the effects you feel in the bodies Etheric and Physical, and Astral. You may experience visions as well, take note of these. They will reveal much to you of the power Invoked by the tincture, and of the plant used in the tincture it self.


  1. I congratulate you for a good and interesting blog. Thank you also for your alchemical "recipe". I'm looking forward to your next spagyrical experiment.

    May I just add that the distillation with retort isn't necessary, even though it creates wonderful symbology. It can suffice with elongated flask (hermetically sealed) and a moderate source of heat (around the normal temperature of the body) in several weeks, which will create a continous "circulation" wich probably will make the elixir more potent.

    BTW the correct term of this is not "tincture"; elixir is more correct as it involves all three alchemical principles. A tincture just uses the two essences (i.e. Sulpur and Mercury).

    Keep ut the good work.BTW it seems we are fratres in the same Order.

    Fraternally in L.V.X.,

  2. Ave Frater S.R.,

    Thank you for the clarification! I did not know the difference between "tincture" and "elixir", thank you.

    I recognize your motto from some of your posts on the forum-pleased to meet you, Frater. I will incorporate your fermentation/circulation technique into my work in the next week, thank you.

    Fraternally in LVX,

    Frater A.I.T.

  3. Care Fra. A.I.T.,

    As a follow up, there are also two very important points to consider:

    1. The menstruum (alkahest), and

    2. The purification of the Salt.

    The menstruum (i.e. the mercurial spirit) must consist of spirit of wine, not vodka. Any brandy may suffice but if you can find a brand which is chrystal clear (like Grappa) its even better. Best of course is to distill whine yourself into a spirit but the simple retort won't suffice for that. To distill spirits you must have a full distillation train. Distillation is also an art into itself. So brandy is the easiest option.

    The purification of Salt must use both fire and water. After calcination (concecration with fire) of the Salts you must purify with Water. This is done through filtering and "leaching".

    To do this critical process you must use distilled water (for his you may use your retort). Fill a glass with water and mix the calcinated Salts in the water (stirring with a glass rod). Then put a funnel on a pyrex flask or vessel, and put a filter on it. Then pour the water. Make sure to press all water from the filter. Repeat this process until there is no longer any residue in the filter.

    Then leach the filtered water (the Salt must be fully dissolved in the distilled water). This is done by putting the glass vessel on a moderated heat (on the radiator for example) and let the water evaporate until nothing remains but white Salt chrystals.

    If they are not white (i.e. discolored) you may calcinate agein and purify with water and leach anew. This is important. The Salt must be chrystallic and pure white.

    Now you are ready for the coagula phase, i.e. of mixing the Salts with the essence (Mercury and Sulphur).

    God Luck! Ora et Labora!

    Fraternally in L.V.X.,


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