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Invocation of the Angel BITOM
I performed the invocation after preparing the temple, and vibrating the first, second, and sixth calls. I raised energy before doing so, and I'm glad I did. The incantations were strong, and I felt the change in mental "tuning" almost immediately. I sat before the crystal, held the tablet whilst touching BITOM, and requested an audience. At first I saw a red diamond, and then some abstraction which I can't put into words properly. The diamond became a red angel with a sword, which rose up and pierced a sun; after this a shower of orange and red fell from the sun downward. Very interesting-I need to meditate upon this for meaning. I vibrated BITOM again, and was whisked along a stream of red energy with golden sparks within. This energy was BITOM. I was traveling with the angel around what appeared to be the cosmos, into and around all things, passing through and invigorating/enlivening all it contacted. I asked him what his nature was ,and he told me I was not sufficiently evolved to understand his complete nature. Well. I asked him to try-that I might suprise him, and he told sent me a vision similar to the first, and said that he was fire, he was creation creating, he was an engine of creation, of power, of expansion. He is expressed through the creative impulse-be that through sex and it's energies, or through art, or music-passion was another expression, although none of these things came close to expressing the true and complete nature of the Angel. I told him of my desire to balance the fiery forces within myself-that I had felt I was lacking in passion and action/energy and he told me "you are stupid." That I had missed the obvious. He pointed out that the same issues I had with wasting energies and failing to control a negative habit affected all aspects of the force-a decrease in creative energies affects every aspect of it's expression within myself-I had stopped drawing, stopped playing my guitar-stopped creating, and felt drained and expressed a certain amount of apathy/passivity in my actions that were not quite natural to me. My only passion that had survived this intact was Magic. He told me that my own stupidity was the problem, and that I had already taken the steps necessary to rectify the issue, but that I needed to trust my intuition. He took on another form, looking like a statue of a bronze angel that had been superheated to a glowing red. I made the connection with him using the heart technique, and felt an energetic stab in my heart-also, the room become visibly brighter. Hmm. I thank BITOM for the audience, agreed with him that I had been stupid (to which he laughed, and I had the feeling he liked me-in the way I would like a suprisingly intelligent dog. No egos allowed in Enochian Magic, my friends. Better have a strong sense of self-esteem.)
I noticed the light in the room-candle light-was flickering very intensely, but made nothing of it. Perhaps there was a breeze....
....I turn around and there's a 6inch pillar of fire burning on the armoire behind me! Where once there had been a candle atop a wooden candle holder I had made, there was now a tall, thin flickering flame atop the candle holder, with the candle-a brand new tea light-completely burned away. The fire wasn't spreading at all, just sitting there, flickering away. I stared at it a moment, a little shocked, and then blew it out. I get the distinct feeling BITOM was both screwing with me, in a playful way-and giving me a not-so-gentle reminder of the power of these energies, and that they are not soft and should be handled with care, and respected. That this applied to the energy in all of it's forms.

I feel changed, invigorated. We'll see if I can make the changes permenant-I'm thinking I can.

Next, I am going to try to create a Talisman with this Enochian Incantatory magic. One of the reasons I am so in love with Enochian is that it is done almost entirely through Incantation...singing. Singing is when I feel closest to Holiness, there is just something about it.

 I plan on basically conducting my regular opening rituals, which activate through incantation the Table, Holy Ring, Sigilum Dei Ameth, and Lamen (this I lifted almost completely from Lon Milo Duquette), and from there I'm going to vibrate the call to activate the appropriate Tablet. Once the Energies are "awakened" and called, I'm going to state my Intent ("With the authority of the Three Secret and Holy names of God" (insert the appropriate elemental God-Name here) etc.etc.etc.), and then in an appropriately colored wax carve the elemental Sigil located atop the element's Tablet to ground the awakened force and create a locus on this plane.   I may create the vortex of light through Circumambulation so that the Path of Manifestation is eased, and will definitely project the awakened energy into the sphere actively using the Sign of the Enterer to strengthen the energetic link between the talisman and myself.

It'll have to wait a couple of days, as the new moon is almost here.

I'll let you know how it goes...

Very interesting and informative session!


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