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Enochian Chess Board of Earth


I've noticed that there are almost no images of the Enochian Chess Boards (that aren't absolutely horrible) available to those of us working that system; when I first started studying Enochian Chess, I bought a ready made board from a certain well meaning individual. When it arrived, I was thoroughly disappointed at the quality-while I appreciate that he made the effort when no one else had, it was not suitable for use. The boards need to be beautiful as far as I am concerned-bad coloring or a sense of cheapness ruin my concentration. So, in order to make my personal boards I'm doing the following:

-Making high quality vector-based images of the boards, with the full correspondences.
-Uploading them to, and having the board printed with quality inks and on a pleasant wooden base.
-Hand painting the Figurines.
-Distributing the images so my fellow magicians don't have to sweat for a week on their laptops. =)

Below is the Enochian Chess Board of Earth-click on it for the big 12x12 version, perfect for printing on the boards at plywerk. And no, plywerk isn't paying me-I wish they were...those boards are expensive! I'm just stoked to have a solution for making the chessboard that is beautiful and simple to execute. I'll post the boards of Air, Fire, and Water as I complete them.

I make no claims at being a great scholar-there may be mistakes. You're welcome to the boards, just be sure to examine them well. If you want a simple way to create the boards, the method I mentioned above couldn't be easier, and with beautiful result. I'll post images of my physical set as soon as it's completed.

Remember to click on the image to get it at the appropriate size.




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