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Thaumaturgy during the New Moon-Hoodoo


The New Moon-by it's nature-is a terrible time to practice Theurgy. It is, however, an excellent time to practice Subtractive Magic-magic for removing negative influences, or for working against one's enemies.

Yes, I use Thaumaturgy, and I do it for personal gain. And it works. (For those unaware, thaumaturgy is practical magic.)

I say that because I've gotten into some heated conversation with some practicioners, who believe Magic should be purely Theurgic, and to work any Magic for practical results is greedy and low; these people are fools. There is no moral difference between working hard physically to acquire something and working hard metaphysically-either way you use the resources at hand to better your position or lot in life. That's just my not so humble opinion about it. =)

I've decided to use the New Moon to practice the Magic traditional to my people-I'm African-American, so that means Hoodoo (this is not the same as Voodoo or Voudun). It consists mostly of rootwork and sympathetic magic, with just a touch of spirit work. This is a very neglected, but powerful part of the Western Mystery Tradition. I'll post about it on New Moons, and about practices I've acquired. And yes, African Americans are Westerners and not Africans.

It's a very visceral, practical system, and is almost an exact opposite of the cerebral Hermetic work I've made my main spiritual path.

Just thought I'd share that, and I hope the day finds you well!



  1. "I say that because I've gotten into some heated conversation with some practicioners, who believe Magic should be purely Theurgic, and to work any Magic for practical results is greedy and low; these people are fools."

    Agreed, it's amusing to see morons trying to put something as complex as magic in 'good' or 'bad' categories. It also reminds me of wannabe artists who think that getting paid for artwork or having a job is 'selling out', some people justify their laziness with the most pious of excuses.

  2. Subtractive Magic : Would this be the sort of magick one would use to get rid of bad habits like smoking ? And what sort of ritual would you put together ? thanks ...

  3. Ave Mike,

    That's exactly the sort of thing you would do-on a new moon, at 3 am, I would take a black candle (carved up one side with "addiction" and the other "smoking")I would carry along a sheaf of tobacco, a black rosary (only used for practice of subtractive hoodoo) and any smoking accoutremont I have, be it lighters, pipes-whatever is used in smoking. I would go to the nearest graveyard, and would say a full measure of the rosary in singing, richly vibratory prayer. I would invoke Saint Blasius, patron saint of those with throat/breathing illnesses, and request he assist me in burying this illness. I would dig a small grave with my bare hands, and then light the black candle. Under the light of the black candle I would bury the tobacco and the smoking items. I would thank the Saint for his assistance, and then state aloud "As this candle's light goes out, so does the Light of my enemy", and then blow out the candle. (The enemy in this situation is, of course, your smoking addiction.) I would then bury the candle as well, stomp thrice upon the crave, and walk away...never looking back.

    This formula can be applied to all sorts of problems. The key to the hoodoo working-like all magic-is to enflame yourself with prayer. The rosary serves that purpose in my families hoodoo-and should work fine for anyone exposed to Catholicism. Feel free to alter as you will.

    Hope that's useful.



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