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Second Scrying of the 30th Aethyr TEX


My second scrying of TEX went very well-I settled in a bit more naturally into the invocation, and the various incantations took on a singing, intensely vibratory character that almost felt pulled from me, instead of performed. I was able to let go and feel the incantations, voicing them with my awareness in the heart center-experiencing them without thinking. I fell into vision very quickly-I connected to the Crystal and closed my eyes, and I was there. The key was to commit to doing the Magic-I let go of my analysis, and just let the vision unfold. This is part of the Faith the earlier Angel was referring to. That lesson served me well-Enochian Magic being almost entirely dependent upon vision (in my experience).

This time, the sky was again grey, and clouded. The terrain was forested in a tropical fashion. There was a temple structure-Aztecan in style. I requested a guide, and received first a false one. I vibrated the god-names again, and received an authentic guide...who seemed none to pleased that I called him into service. I asked his name, and got the distinct impression he didn't want to give it to me....because I wouldn't be able to pronounce it anyway. I insisted. He was right. Never have I seen a more unpronouncable mishmash of consonants. This amused him. He was not the most gracious of guides....but I didn't request coddling, or a drinking buddy. I got right down to business, and asked him about the temple. He said it was a hall of learning-what I would refer to as initiation. The sort of learning one does through Gnosis, as opposed to study. He said that the lessons were tailored specifically to the Entity involved. My lesson had been that of compassion, what I needed to develop evolutionarily-and faith, which I needed to cultivate in order for my Aethyric magic to be effective. That reaching out and acting from the heart is Key to so much-you can't enflame yourself with prayer without working from the Heart, and enflaming yourself with prayer is the key to the whole thing. All of it. Dee wasn't given this system because he was a ritual genius, or a master at correspondence....he was great at Praying. Everything else is framing, the prayer is the heart of it. Placing the Awareness in the heart and working from there helps to emphasize the magical experience, and minimalizes the workings of the intellectual mind. Cool. A wonderful gift I've been given, and I've been at it for two days.

I attempted to see inside the pyramid, but saw nothing. It would seem that I've learned the Lesson TEX has for me at this point. I traveled to the top of the pyramid, and it came to mind that I should summon a governor (ADVORPT) and humbly request his guidance. Having experienced the surliness of what must have been a servient angel as my guide, I took care to be very, very respectful with my summoning and questioning. He enjoyed that, and told me I would go far in the Angelic realms with that attitude. He was a bit imperius.....but he was an Angel. So he can act however the hell he wants, I suppose.  He appeared before me atop the pyramid winged, with no hair atop his head, but a ring of feathers around the sides and back. He had a great grey/golden nimbus about his head. his clothing was two toned, dark blue and light blue. He was tall, but didn't appear as a towering giant. He was kind enough to share a bit of wisdom with me. I asked him for a lesson, and he expanded on the lesson I had during my previous scrying, taking the time to teach me the Techinique the first angel used to effect the energetic transfer (when she gave me her sacred Heart).  He taught me that the "heart exchange" conducted before could be used to create lasting energetic connections with entities and persons. It can be used between teacher and student, between lovers-it is a direct energetic connection, and could be used to Inititiate. He demonstrated by opening his chest, where his heart was aglow, golden and intense. He reached into his chest with both hands, taking hold of his heart, and stepping forward placed it within my own chest. There was an immediate, massive energetic rush within my form. For a moment  there was a golden cord that connected us, and then it was gone. This was a great lesson on energy work and Magic, and I thanked him profusely. He'd given me a version of the shaktipat used by our eastern brethren-a method for effecting a profound energetic transfer between one person and another. He was very gracious, and I departed the Aethyr so that I could write it all down, in case it left me quickly. I'm going to speak to each governor of the Aethyrs I travel-what a wonderful resource Enochian Magic is.




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