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Enochian Magic-Scrying the 30th Aethyr TEX


So......I had planned on scrying mainly the elemental planes during my early excursions into Enochian. Last night, I felt inspired to scry the 30th Aethyr TEX. When I got the temple set for the workings, it just seemed like the right thing to do. I've learned to be sensitive to that sort of thing, and to go with my intuition.

Just a quick note-I've gone out of my way not to study Crowley's various descriptions of the Aethyrs, in order to keep my visions from being framed a certain way. No disrespect to the Beast; I just want to avoid any Thelemic business from creeping in. Most of the literature out there describing Enochian visions seems to be from Thelemites (and kudos to them for doing the work!), and I think it would be useful to get a perspective from an individual who is not a part of that particular current.

I began by preparing the table, placing the Seven Ensigns upon it, and then the Sigillum Dei Ameth, and finally covering all with the red velvet cloth. I placed my scrying stone atop the cloth, on the SDA. (My scrying stone is a Selenite orb-much more economical than a clear quartz orb, which would have cost me thousands. The selenite worked very well!) I performed the LBRP to enter into the correct state of mine, and performed a Purifaction by Water and Consecration by Fire to purify the Temple.I activated the table, and then the Ring, and then the Lamen, through prayer and incantation of the Holy letters of each seperately. I sat in my Chair, recited the 19th Call, and said a short prayer of Invocation of the four Governors of TEX. I then meditated whilst staring at the orb, and waited for the vision to begin.

It was an interesting experience. I had difficulty letting go at first; had to get used to the new ritual, and the different energies involved. I saw clouds at first within the orb, but was full of a strange doubt. Strange because I have been scrying effectively for years-I think perhaps the Enochian system has been so built up in my mind, my expectations where ridiculously high, and I couldn't immediately tune in to the vision fully. I think I half expected a hallucination-intense vision. I vibrated the name TEX a few times to try to tune in, and saw an image of an entity within the orb. She was fair, with brownish hair, light blue robe, and a light blue scarf on her head. I asked for her name, and the letters IXLMNOAP appeared in the orb. To be honest, she looked a bit like the Holy Mary of catholic tradition. (this gave me pause, as I was concerned my catholic upbringing had bled a false image into my practice. What followed next was of value, so I am not second guessing it.) She placed her hands at her chest, and opened up to show me her heart-a dark maroon organ, burning with a darkish fire-a Sacred Burning heart. She told me her heart's name is Compassion, that it is the Key to the Aethyr and my primary lesson there. She took her heart from my chest, and placed it within mine, causing me to feel a great rush of energy within my form. There was a dark red ray of energy/LVX connecting her chest and mine. I looked at the heart within my self, and felt it burning, and then looked back at the crystal. The heart was gone from her. I thanked her for the gift, and told her that I understood. (Compassion and empathy have not been strong suits of mine.....definitely made the Watery grade of Practicus an adventure. Lot's I had to learn!) She told me I needed to have Faith, to strive for Faith. Not blind obedience so much as a reaching out with the Heart for understanding, with full trust in the outcome being the best. She basically told me I need to quit wasting my time with intellectual haggling and explanation-that operating on that level alone isn't enough for development. That Faith is an action of the emotional nature, and that actively extending and moving with the emotional nature is something I need to work on.

I thanked her, and she graciously accepted my thanks. She definitely had a distinct personality, a "feel" to her that was interesting.

I'm going to explore TEX again this evening-try to see some of the environment. I didn't expect an entity to show up immediately upon my entering the Aethyr, and so didn't do any wandering about. It was definitely a profound experience.




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