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A mildly uncomfortable lesson on Sex and Magic

Hello all,

Had a very interesting and somewhat disconcerting experience the other night, which resulted in a profound lesson. After performing most of the LBRP, and calling the Archangels, I usually look about with my inner vision at details to ground the vision in my Sight. This time, when I looked about, I was greeted with a suprise.

The Archangels were not the large, androgynous powers they normally are-they were, instead, fully and joyfully expressing their sexuality! Ahh, the horror, the blasphemy!......was my immediate reaction, and I set about reprimanding myself for my perversion and forcing the Archangelic forms into their regular, pleasingly antiseptic bodies. As this flew across my mind, an immediate counter reaction took place-the counterpoint being that these were Archangels, and nothing they were doing could be considered unclean. Anything they do is, by their very nature, sacred and Holy! I was, for a very long and very short moment, completely obliterated by this paradox. That is when the lesson was dropped onto me-that whatever perversion I saw in the act of sex, was my own perversion being reflected back onto me.  There is no such thing as 'perverse' or 'immoral' sex between willing persons-allowing my own prejudices and inbuilt social conditioning to link disgust or shame to that most fundamental and Sacred act was the true perversion. There is also Holiness in sexuality itself; one does not become a less Sexual creature because one is evolved. The idea that Spirituality=Chastity is completely incorrect. The sexuality may express itself in a different form, but it never ceases.

While I recall clearly, the Archangels appeared as follows:

Michael was firmly and actively Male-he was.....priapic......and radiating Power and Heat. Raphael was Male, but closer to androgyny-not active and radiating in the fashion of Michael, but male in a receptive fashion, if that makes any sense.  Raphael smiled in a gentle way-Michael grinned in a borderline maniacal fashion, almost a baring of teeth. He felt barely restrained.

Uriel was actively female, appearing as a towering, vivacious woman, who Pulled and attracted as if she where as dense as a Star. Strongly female, clothed at times in darkness, clothed in secrets. Her skin was white as snow, her vestments dark and impenetrable. She smiled at me in a certain way. It was both attractive and disturbing, as if she would love me and eat me all at once. Good times. Gabriel was female, but almost androgynous in the way Raphael was, slyly feminine, gently feminine. 

I felt, as soon as I made the realization, a pure sense of liberation. I thought I had worked out all of my sexual issues, but it would seem that I still somehow had seperated sexuality from spirituality, in an unnatural fashion. As soon as I had the realization, and strove to internalize it, I felt a great rush of energy up my spine, and a warmth-a sensation of come to assosciate with my higher self's approval. Everytime I've learned and important lesson, I've been granted this wave of energetic bliss. A wonderful thing.

I hope the day finds you all well.




  1. Care Frater AIT,

    very interesting observations.
    In fact i think that sexuality, that is the will to unite with other persons sexually, is the same will as the will to unite with ones Higher Self, but only on a lower arc, so to speak.
    This means that the sexual drive IS holy and an outward expression of something very spiritual.
    I also think that sexuality is THE key to understand magical energy.
    Being homosexual it was always natural to me to make many thoughts about this.
    In LVX!

  2. Ave H.Fra.LeNe,

    Thank you! You must have some interesting observations of your own, as far as the GD and the sexual energies go-and I would absolutely love to hear them.

    In LVX,


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