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Obsidian Glass--Creating a Talismanic Mirror


This one'll be short; just wanted to share a useful method I received for working and communicating with Saturnian entities in particular.

Obsidian is a fine tool for accumulating the virtue in Saturn; the Mysterium Sigillorum recommends it's use in creating a specific talisman (one I made yesterday for my father-in-law to help heal his gout; also part of a homework assignment for Christopher Warnock's Astrological Magic Course...worth taking, ya'll. Worth every penny) that is efficacious against Saturnian illnesses. So, there is classical precedent for it's use in addition to my personal experiences.

One particular use that I'm fond of is the Talismanic Mirror. Obsidian being volcanic glass, it makes a fine mirror if burnished on one side, and being Saturnian it can be loaded with Virtue and aligned with the nature of a Saturnian spirit. If there is an entity that you have a long-standing relationship with (such as Cassiel or Tzaphqiel...two extremely worthwhile fellows to get to know) then this is a fine way to create a lasting link that is also useful for direct communication.

The method is simple:

  •  On Saturday, during Saturn's hour, light a black candle, and burn some incense that is dedicated to Saturn. Purify the front of the talisman with Holy Water, and then in the fire of the black candle.
  •  Incant the Orphic Hymn or that from the Picatrix for Saturn, and ask for his blessing and virtue to lie within the Obsidian talisman.
  •  Take up the talisman, and upon it's back draw the Saturnian Kameothic square, using a lead pencil. 
  • Cense the talisman again. 
  • If you are working with an Angel, use the hebrew alphabet for the Square, and draw the entities Sigil by connecting the letters upon the square. 
  • If you are working with an entitiy from the Picatrix or another grimoire (that may not have a sigil) draw it's name first in an appropriate magical alphabet, and then draw the square over the name. I prefer the alphabet of Honorius, myself. It can be found in Agrippa's Three Books, but also in Jake Stratton-Kent's Geosophia, Book I.
  • Having drawn it's name or sign, reach out and connect with the entity, and request it's presence within the Talisman and Mirror. Ask it to bless this medium when it appears. You'll find that it's image comes quickly to the inner eye when staring at the mirror, and that speaking through the talisman requires no lengthy incantation. Simply look upon it, call the entities name, and speak. 
  • It needs to be maintained and fed, like any other talisman. Smoke and for strengthening it's subtle Virtue, and a dab of Holy Water to keep it pure and clear, at least once a week during Saturn's hour. 

I wouldn't recommend doing this with an entity you work with on a part-time basis any more than I would suggest you create a spirit-pot for a short-timer. This will give the entity a foothold into your life; be sure that's something good for you. It is for communicating with an Ally, and not for the entity you only ask the random question of. It is most definitely not for doing just to see if you can do it....It works very well, though.



  1. I know it was a minor part of this post, but thanks for recommending Warnock's course. I've been debating taking it, and I've come to appreciate and respect your opinion, so it is helping me make the decision. Thanks

  2. No worries at all; the course is entirely worthwhile, and thank you!


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