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Almost Overwhelming


I've been cultivating this newfound awareness of the Eternal Present, and the results have been interesting. When I tune in sharply, it is almost overwhelming. The colours are especially hypnotic. I never noticed how alive colour is, how magnetic. How it pulls at the mind. Scents can be the same way. I was walking through my neighborhood (in a semi-urban area, Campbell,CA) and a wave of Jasmine, Rose, water-smell just blossomed within my mind. The same plants and smells that likely where there before, only now I am blessedly aware of them. I'm experiencing the world in a new way, it's like the world itself is new again. I don't know how it is I was ever bored; all I had to do was look about me. We are surrounded by wonders...although it seems that the true wonders are the natural things, the things wrought directly by the Source. Man-made objects stand out stiff and alien against even the simple bushes and trees available within a city. They have a beauty, but it's different. It's the lack of life within them, I think. The colors are different than nature's as well. The gradations of color in natural things are incredibly more rich than what we have two offer, which is bold and simple. Powerful, but lacking the elegance of the colors in nature. If you really look at them and see them, anyway.

I had to stop and close my mind to the intensity, after a while. It was overwhelming. I hope I can get used to it.

Made me think of why I love machines, and all things Steampunk. The machine is a tribute, a homage--an imitation of the processes of life, and that most glorious of machines the Human Body. I look at an engine, and I see Art. Perhaps my love of technology and computing machines is rooted in the same.




  1. Chogyum Trungpa described the experience of Mahamudra as almost the exact same thing: Reality being bright and vivid and raw, and you finally seeing it for what it is in all its beauty and terror. One translation for Mahamudra is "Great Symbol", in this case reality being a symbol for Reality.

    I think your progress has been awesome, man. Keep being awesome!

  2. Frater Jow, you just made my day! Thank you kindly!

    I'm definitely going to look up this Chogyum Trungpa, thank you. Is it me, or is everything we experience mystically already catalogued and examined by the Tibetan mages? Those fellows are thorough.....


  3. You should check out WWII computers then, particularly the work of Zuse.

    Brother George

  4. Ave Frater,

    On recalling some of your earlier blogs, I wondered how your research and work with Kameothic Magic is progressing?

    I found it of great interest, and wondered if you found it of any use in your further work with the Grade work?

    In LVX,


  5. Ave Frater Darren,

    It's gone well, surprisingly well. I find I prefer using the Kameothic magic to the GIRH when working with the Planets. Especially because it's very portable. Magic squares don't requiring any of the ritual movements we use in the GIRH (although you can use them in full on ceremonial work, with circumambulations and the like. They make excellent talismans.) I find that creating the squares themselves is a magical act.

    In LVX,


  6. Ave Frater,

    I wonder, do you draw a new Kamea with every ritual, Letters and all?
    I am wondering whether I understood your technique correctly.

    And what are your thoughts on using the same set of Kameoth repeatedly? Would this result in a possible increase in the set's potency?

    I have also been reading a few of blogs on the dangers of the Golden Dawn - one in particular I found somewhere on the Digimob site you mentioned...

    I have seen the great destruction that an untrammelled ego can wreak, with magical potency and without. I think that Frater NS makes some valid points, essentially that of real and genuine self-development before (and even after) thinking to tamper indelicately with Nature.

    But personally, I find some of the grave pronouncements given in some quarters - as an attempt to give a 'balanced' or 'cautionary' view of the GD methods, or Theurgy/Magic in general - unnecessarily dour and polarising.
    I'm sure many of these writers are truly 'sage' in their experience and opinions, but I question some of the innate (or learned) Victorian attitudes that seem to lurk just beneath the surface...

    My preference has always been for the Hermetic Way, and no-one could describe me as any kind of 'fluff-bunny' - I am something of a carnivore when it comes to over-privileged, inexperienced and self-opinionated 'Liberal' guilt-complexes posing as humanistic spirituality - but the one thing that I do like about some of the New Thought/New Age philosophy - especially the Eastern-influenced material - is the positive focus on Heart-centred Love, genuine Humility and Personal Responsibility... true marks of the Adept, if I have been listening correctly?

    It may be... unpopular... with some, who mistake their own complexities and fears as proof against simple truths, but I don't care a whit. Call me Bugs, Bre'r or Peter if you will!

    I dunno, I think some of the Brethren could do with a bit of good old-fashioned humour, humility and compassion. Then again... ;oD

    May the Heavens continue to smile upon you,

    In LVX,


  7. Hello Frater Darren,

    Always nice to hear from you. I personally use Kamea in two ways-as telesmata, to contain/provide long term focus for a Force, and as a key of sort for awakening/invoking a Force.

    I use the "key" ones repeatedly, as they are for "generic" invocations of the Planetary force. The telesmata are only used once and then destroyed.

    Your focus seems right on track to me, Frater! Love the Br'er rabbit reference, as well. Sometimes you need a trickster to challenge things, stir folks up.

    In LVX,


  8. H Frater,

    Thank you for clearing up the details on Kameoth for me...

    And please forgive my former rant. Wizards are "subtle, and quick to anger", as the quote goes.

    Br'er Rabbit rocks.

    In LVX,



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