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What is the deal with Atheists?


So. I have to tell you-never have I met a more negative, thick-headed and obstinate bunch. I stumbled on a few articles whilst researching Wolfram's New Kind of science (a ridiculously thick book with a lot of interesting ideas), and....ugh. Almost worse than the nutbag Evangelicals, and their literalism. Everything I read about them is full of smug materialistic and mechanistic thinking. This doesn't make them bad people-I'm sure there are as many good Atheists as there are good anything else. It just makes them unpleasant to read and discuss the big questions (and answers) with.

I suppose I find them frustrating because they want to debate endlessly, and never actually do anything. I've found that spirituality is experiential-you have to experience it, not philosophize about it. The Atheists I've argued with (who are otherwise nice folk, who I won't name and put on blast) are as stubborn and unmoving in their beliefs as the Evangelicals. For example-one argument in particular stands out. A gentleman was debating the possibility of Astral Projection with me. Well, I have experienced it. I busted ass for nearly 6 months, doing energy work and meditation (I mostly used Robert Bruce's techniques, which are in my experience unparalleled) and made it out, and it changed everything. Fear of death, gone. Doubt about the objective existence of the spiritual realms, gone. I had my doubts as well, but instead of sitting around talking, I got down to business and experienced. I asked him whether he was willing to actually TRY to project, and he refused! Said he would feel "silly", and that it was obviously impossible. What can you do with someone who is willfully ignorant in this fashion? So quick to dismiss my Magic, but too lazy or afraid to put it to a real test. Again, not Every atheist-just the few I've had the misfortune to argue with.

..../end rant.

I hope the day finds you all well-AIT


  1. Most are well willing to do experiements.. just not by actually doing magical work. They'd rather hook up various meters and devices to record.. stuff..

    Nothing you can do, sadly. No sense discussing the subject with someone who has already made up their mind.

  2. Atheism is a "statement of faith" and like religious fundamentalists their minds are all ready made up.

  3. Very interresting. Which of Bruce's books would you recommend for a start? - about the subject as such, indeed, atheism is a statement of faith. I have some atheist friends but there is never a real discussion since it all ends with the request on me: proove it!!". A lot of them are as stubborn as any other fundamentalist and by that creating a quasi religious system...

    In L.V.X.

  4. Ave Fra.Arcad,

    Get Astral Dynamics. That book is as important, in my opinion, as Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics as far as practical energy work in our Western systems go. Don't worry about his classes or any of that business-you don't need them. The techniques in this book are excellent, and I can't promote them enough.

    His sites got the whole new age vibe going-don't let that turn you off the book. Astral Dynamics is solid gold.

    In LVX,

    Fra AIT

  5. Care Frater A.I.T.

    thanks so much for your recommendation. I will definitely check this out. And I actually also like Bardon...

    in L.V.X



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