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Invocation of King EDLPRNA

Invoked the king of the Fire Tablet, so that I could begin working it. He appeared quickly and within the crystal. He was unsuprisingly fiery in appearance, with dusky reddish skin, hair the color and shape of flickering flames. His eyes where a flat white. He didn't wear any clothing, or a crown. I asked him about that, and he said he was "crowned by his nature." I took that to mean that the positions of Angels are determined automatically by their nature-that a King couldn't be any other than a King. Interesting.
I asked if I could connect with him, and did so at the heart feeling a strong rush of energy. I asked him if he would initiate me into Fire, and he said "Certainly, but it may be painful." I saw a small flickering flame travel up the connection we had made, and when it reached my heart it created an intense sensation. Not unduly uncomfortable. I asked him to show me where my understanding of fire was lacking in my life, and he showed me how my application and of it affected my work, love, and spiritual life. He gave me leave to work the realm of Fire, and to invoke those entities that were below him.
I had a bit of trouble with my focus near the end; he seemed to have left the crystal, but responded when I spoke to him.
Performed the Rose Cross in closing, and am free of the whole anxious/paranoid bit from the previous Invocation.




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