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The Unda Superum

Another excerpt, this time dealing with a method for creating a Consumable Talisman out of Spagyric Elixirs.

Creating the Unda Superum

The Unda Superum (water of the gods) is an Spagyric elixir further enlivened and tuned by Ceremonial Magic. Creating the Unda Superum is straight forward. One creates an Elixir, and then, during the appropriate Hour for the force that the Elixir embodies, the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram/Spirit (for Elemental and Astrological Elixirs, affecting the Astrological aspect through the triplicity) or the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram/Solar  are performed (for the Planetary powers), and used to infuse the Medicine with concentrated Intent and with LVX, the Light of Heaven. This changes the Elixir into a consumable Talisman.

The Godform of Imhotep is assumed after the Invocation of the Highest Divine Self, instead of the standard Godform for the force that is usually invoked.  Imhotep is a God who was once a man, a great physician in ancient Egypt. He is the only commoner ever raised to godhood in that tradition. I find he is a perfect force to work with for our purpose, as he is dedicated explicitly to the healing of his fellow man. It is also good to work with him in that, by Invoking him, we make it clear that the ritual is built around and for healing, and it tunes our GIRP/GIRH in that direction. 

Using the GIRP/GIRH allows us control over how the Unda Superum works upon the recipient. I prefer to charge the Unda Superum with the general task of refining and balance the corresponding energy within the person that consumes it, and then targeting the specific dis-ease during the healing ritual. As these rituals are performed under the auspice of the Higher Self, this charging has the added benefit of ensuring a benevolent medicine-energetically, that is. Do not do anything so foolish as to make an elixir out of some deadly plant. Do your research! As an added safeguard, no Spagyric Healer should treat someone with a potion he hasn’t first used upon himself. 

This may prove to be a boon of great value, as the directed use of the medicine may be broad or exact, depending upon the desires of the Spagyrist. We can create the Unda Superum and direct it to heal, to balance-perhaps even to Initiate. (Not into a tradition, but into the sphere/realm of a given force.) It may be used to induce visions, and becomes a wonderful assistant in Scrying.

The Unda Superum may also be created by using the Neophyte Ritual-which is, in my opinion, the heart and soul of the Outer Order. The Z2 formula may be applied so as to enliven the Unda Superum. 

Scrying the Unda Superum

Scrying is a wonderful way to test the power of the Unda Superum. Sit in silence in your temple/laboratory, and perform the Four-fold Breath. With your mind clear, state internally and externally, your desire to travel in the Spirit to the realm within the Unda Superum. Rub a bit of the Unda Superum between your eyes, on your brow.  Perform the Middle Pillar. Visions and Mental/Astral projections are greatly reliant on the amount of LVX one has available-the more energy you hold, the greater the clarity and depth of your vision. Raise a large amount of energy before each scrying attempt, and you will, from what I have experienced, have much greater success. Perform the Qabalistic Cross. Perform the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe. Sit down, and consume the prepared Unda Superum with some distilled water. Perform the fourfold breath, and when you are completely relaxed, allow images to appear in your minds eye. Do not grasp them. Simply note what you see/taste/feel/hear and compare with your correspondences after the ritual. If you have been careful and conscientious in your preparations, you will not be disappointed.  This isn’t the classic scrying technique used in the Golden Dawn-the consumption of the Unda Superum takes place instead of the Invocatory Rituals, and should be more than enough to tune you in to the energies of the Sphere in question….if you’re Superum was made correctly. 


A further way to ascertain the nature of one’s Unda Superum, or to test the power and nature of another Spagyrist’s potion, is application of the Z2 formulae. This formula may be used to evoke the Spirit of the Unda Superum. The form/sound/smell/sense of the evoked Spirit reveal the true nature of the potion. This method, in my opinion, should be used to test and grade the works of aspiring Spagyrists (including ourselves!) and create high-quality Spagyric practitioners. It would also-in my opinion, make Magic slightly less subjective, as no one could call themselves Adept without actually being so-if Spagyric understanding became part of the requirements for Adepthood. The proof would be in the pudding, as they say. I imagine this could be used as well to test the level of development of Adepts who, due to circumstance, have had to travel between different Orders. This would only be useful if Spagery where officially incorporated into the Outer Order system of the entire Golden Dawn family-which is unfortunately extremely unlikely. It is still, in my opinion, a sound idea.

What do you think about all that?


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