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The Spagyric Alchemical Process

Hello again all,

Here is a short segment (from aforementioned manuscript) detailing of the Spagyric Alchemical process, which describes the meaning of the classical terms of the Process as I have come to understand them.

I am by no means an authority on the subject-of your understanding differs from mine own, please share!

The Spagyric Alchemical Process

Mortificatio: This is the initial death, destruction, and dismemberment of the plant, and is the beginning of the Spagyric Alchemical process. Here we have plucked the plant, chopped it fine and ground it down; it is unrecognizable as the plant it once was, and is now suitable for further evolution. It is completed after the Sublimatio phase, when the Sulphur and Mercury are separated from the Salt of the plant body.

Sublimatio: Air: That which is of low vibration is translated into higher vibration, and  the hidden spirit within matter is released. In Spagery, this refers to the portion of the process when we extract the Sulphur from a plant using the gross Mercury and the subtle heating/cooling-expansion/contraction……breathing……within the alchemical vessel (the mason jar).  At the end of this process, upon separating the Salt from the Mercury/Sulphur, the remaining liquid is a Tincture.

Calcination: Fire: This is the action of intensely heating the matter that is truly Mortificatio (having had it’s Sulphur and Mercury separated from it during the Sublimatio Phase) to whiten and purify it, fundamentally raising it’s vibration.

Solutio: Water: The solid matter disappears into water-the Earth is swallowed by the sea. In Spagery, this is the part where the calcined salts are dissolved into distilled Water, and the Caput Mortuum (the Death’s Head, the filtered matter that is insoluble and remains in the Filter after the combined distilled water and calcined Salts are poured through a filter) is discarded. This is the beginning of the leeching process. 

Coagulation: The salt that has been dissolved into the liquid is reborn/reappears after the water evaporates. This is the final part of the leeching process. Having been purified by water, that salt is allowed to return as an evolved body by the evaporation of the liquid solution. 

Conjunctio: Earth: The re-combination of the spirit and the refined body, the re-birth, the resurrection. In Spagery, this is where we dissolve salt into the tincture, to create an Elixir. This is a holy thing, and should be treated as such.


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