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Spagery and Healing


Our order and system of attainment-in my humble opinion-is lacking in a serious and structured method for healing. I am speaking of the Golden Dawn, and not necessarily the RR et AC-as I haven't yet crossed the Portal into that august body. Now, I've heard it told that we can effect healing through proximity, (as in, our energy bodies, being well balanced, should raise the energetic signatures of those around us, creating positive change for them), and have reviewed and implemented Isreal Regardie's system in the Art of True Healing. Good ideas that do net some positive results...but let's be honest. Compared to other energetic healing modalities, the frankly lackluster systems we seem to have in place leave much to be desired-especially considering our Alchemical history and the potential for healing our system has.This isn't suprising, as the main focus of our Order has been (and should be) Self-Evolution. I've noticed within myself, as I have developed, an increased desire to lesson any un-necesssary suffering (I am aware that much of what we suffer is a sort of karmic seed-blossoming; as I cannot determine what suffering is useful karmically and what is not, I say we should attempt to heal it all and , as they say, "Let God sort it out".) This, I believe, is common (or should be) for persons honestly working through our system, and so I imagine a fair bit of work to help other folk out is being done by Fraters and Sorors in their personal work. I would be willing to bet a fair amount of us have resorted to Reiki in order to meet this need. 

I've found Reiki to be a powerful system for healing, but honestly think we have the tools to do it better-we have the tools to "tune" energies elementally/planetarily/zodiacally to directly work upon the root of illness/dis-ease, the divinatory ability to determine the correct energetic issues (in addition to understanding the energetic balances in the organs of the body-humors), and through Spagery, the ability to work directly on the physical/energetic bodys of the person in need. Through tinctures, elixirs, and consumable telesmata (an elixir that has been further impregnated with energies through Hermetic Ceremonial Magic) called Unda Superum, we have access to a potentially invaluable system of healing. I've written (and am further developing) a book with a developed system, including charts detailing the humors and the energetic designation's of the physical organs, in addition to the energetic pathways (nadis).
It's called The Book of the Blossoming Flower (yes, it's it should be!), and I'll have it as a PDF for free for any of my fellow HOGD/AO members. I will, of course, happily share what I've worked on with folks from our sister organizations as well. We're all Fraters and Sorors, right? Right?.....;-) I just need a couple of weeks to scan in the hand-drawings, and she'll be a go, so let me know if you'd like a copy. Unlike Reiki or some of the other popular passive-energetic healing methods (where the adept acts purely as a conduit for energies, with little modification or direction of these energies other than intent), the Blossoming Flower requires one to be adept at ceremonial magic and the attendent energetic manipulation that comes with it, in addition to having a strong divinatory method for determining the nature of illness, and a grasp of Spagyric Alchemy-it isn't something one picks up in a weekend, and will take a massive amount of study and practice for someone who is a neophyte to our arts. Experienced mages, however, should find it straightforward. 

 I'm planning on using this (if it is sufficiently developed) as my paper for passage through the Portal-when I arrive at that step. I'm currently working through the Practicus curriculum, so I've got plenty of time to refine my ideas. 

I'll be posting segments and articles from the book here on the blog for ya'll to review, and hopefully use and enjoy.

I'd love to hear about any methods being developed for advancing the healing arts in our tradition from others-I think having a solid contingent of healers, and being known for healing, would greatly increase the respect our Art garners in the World, in addition to attracting a solid amount  of people who are inclined toward service to others.

Perhaps we could make Healer a temple position, or a side grade, within our evolving system? 

Let me know what you think....


  1. I'm of course interested in a copy. Good initiative!


  2. Hello,

    thanks for the post. I would be very appreciative of a copy. Sounds great.

    Peregrin :)

  3. Exiting. I do not think I am at the position where I would be able to participate in using your system. But I applaud you for making it available for those who share your interest.

    In L.V.X

  4. Thank you, Fraters-I'm looking forward to plumbing you for some constructive feedback. ;-)

    I'll have the book/file ready in about a week.

  5. Scratch my earlier statement. I am very much interested in your book. I do however consider myself a neophyte, and are not part of any temple. If that does not disqualify me from studying it, I would be happy to sign up.

  6. You're welcome to it, Frater Suecae. I'm making solid progress on the diagrams, just tightening it up in Publisher. Should have it finished for the most part by Monday evening.


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