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New Approach to Enochian

Been working much on the Enochian rites, and today went "live" with a new approach (for me at least, don't know if anyone else is approaching it this way) that is centered primarily on treating the calls themselves as the Book of Logoaeth and as the primary ritual tool. No pentagrams or hexagrams, no speeches about Watchtowers, no SDA yet. No wand. Just a censer on the altar, with the tablet of Nalvage, and my tablet. Was a bit, uh, concerned going in. Attempted to memorize the calls, but even reading them in my mind dials the phone, as it were. Discovered that any one call on it's own--depending upon the nature of the call--can be powerfully unbalancing. Each call contacts a certain series of entities according to their nature, and the First 8 calls in particular, in my opinion, hold efficacy in creating a balanced and powerful state, with the Quarters called and the Angels that guard against the "stooping dragons" invoked. Kept it simple; called the First three to align myself with the Great One, invoke the attention and authority of the Angels of the Seven and the Zodiac, calling down connection with the Holy Spirit/Galvah. Turned to the South for the Fourth Call, the West for the Fifth, the North for the Sixth, and the East for the Seventh, invoking the angels of those quarters respectively. Then called the Eighth, in order to summon those terrible angels (all 26 of them?) who guard against the stooping dragons. Felt like there were eyes watching me, after about the third call. Tremendous waves of spirit in the subtle body, in addition to random shaking and shivering, during the performance of the calls. I incant them in song, while visualizing the Enochian letter--then I read the meaning of the call in the silence of my mind. This method seems to be very effective. Vibrated the names of the Tablet of Nalvage, then sat down to vision.

Angels come from each quarter in vision to tell me something--Angel from the North was like a pillar, hardly human-seeming at all. Like an obelisk. Showed me a statue of a Pharoah in a thick brown stone frieze. I asked for clarification, and the stone became thicker. Ahh. They can make men Kings of the earth, of the physical.

Angel from the South was tall and angular, almost insectile, and not human-ish at all. It used a thin needle to penetrate my arm in three place, then it stepped forward and blew into them, which led to an ecstatic feeling. They gave me the sense that they can make the bodies subtle, that they fill things with the spirit.

Angel from the West appeared, and was somehow feminine and alien. Feathers and hips. Flowed and undulated, and the whispered. The impression arose that her ilk could inspire spiritual trance and Ecstasis. Oracular and divinatory.

 The Angel in the East come forward and draw a fiery crescent moon, and I get the meaning that their works are deeply affected by the phase of the moon. I believe the "28" in the 7th call is a reference to the mansions of the moon, so this makes sense.This entity looked almost human, all be-winged and the like. Face not quite visible, all aglow and white.

I asked if my tablet was necessary, and they said no. All that I need was the calls and understanding. Very interesting--the last method I practiced required all kinds of paper images and wax tablets and metal talismans.....and this entity was telling me that wasn't necessary. Enochian allows us to create, to stand in harmony with the creater as the created. The LOGOS, the word is all that is needed. This is a fully incantatory and ecstatic system of magic. The first series of calls creates connections with the Angels that are operant in creation, and the calls of the Aethyrs are there to complete creation, in a way--in the first calls we mimic the creator and speak the world into existence, with the second half we move the created back up the aethyrs into contact with the Creator. Ouroboros. Very alchemical in its working.

The SDA and the Great Tablet are complicated phone books. They were given to Dee in the fashion they are organized so that the hierarchies of these entities could be understood at a glance (once the ever-necessary code was given, which was necessary because of the way Dr.Dee's mind worked). The SDA gives us the planetary Hierarchy, and the Great Tablet the hierarchy of the Directions/Winds. The Tablet of Nalvage is the Wheel of creation, with the Four Worlds of creation/Four States of existence surrounded by the Angels that animate the Ouroboros of life, moving things from subtle into the Material, and back again. These are not entities that need to be internalized, or forces that need balancing within. They are great and powerful spirits, and not merely expressions of internal reality. Enochian magic should not be approached in the same way we've traditionally used our symbol-heavy Qablistic based magic, in my opinion. Or combined with it at all. No QC, no LBRP, none of that. Just the Calls, and then the conversations and relationships with powers. No need to "ground" forces, in a material basis, I was the talisman and the center of power myself. Strange that no one seems to be approaching Enochian as conjure/ is. Totally is. I'm fully amazed by it. Reveived a simple method for invoking the power of one of these angles for specific tasks which came through in a very hoodoo way...these entities clearly use what's in the channel  of the magician to communicate their truths

The Heptarchia Mystica is a straight-up spirit Grimoire. Kings, princes and all, but "heavenly" instead of Cthonic.

More to come. I hope all are well!

p.s. Do not incant Enochian Calls without specific purpose. They call Things--those things get pissed if their time is wasted. Then you get your ass kicked, especially if you haven't said the correct calls to align yourself with the correct powers. I say this from horrible experience. Yesterday.


I feel absolutely fantastic after the rite. Powerful. No shakes or craziness, no misplaced furniture...tranquil. Balanced. Which is nice, because I was terribly concerned I was sticking my finger in an electric socket.


  1. Would you mind explaining the horrible experience for beginners so that we know what kind of things can go wrong? Anyone can go and buy a book on Enochian from your local bookstore and experiment with the calls which can result in negative experience. I've even had negative experience myself before I had any idea what I was doing. My point is that the books that are readily available simply say do an LBRP and everything will be fine, which is not the case.

    In LVX,
    Frater IV

  2. I have a very special attraction to Enochian Magic and I like it, it's very technical so to speak and I have noticed several things doing the rites, but for sake of keeping silence, I will just say that there is a big difference between elemental workings and planetary workings, and both of them are highly effective.

    I have never experienced a really bad situation, but it does not mean that I haven't experienced some "disturbances" at home if the error in the ritual is "too severe".

    I've been replacing the rites "ala grimoire" for purely Enochian workings, specially the planetary ones.

  3. Care Fra VL,

    My experience that went most awry is a matter primarily of personal wellness; I was attempting to memorize the Calls, and made the mistake of intoning it while doing so. Left me in a strange state of mind, and with uncomfortable body-aches and the like for most of a day. No tables banging together or people being shot; although I do think someone without a regular practice and skill with working the internal virtues may have more difficult results arise from that sort of mistake.

  4. This is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing ~ Paolo

  5. Why would anyone use 19th century lodge rituals like LBRP when working enochian magic? You should stop dabbling with magic before you gain better understanding.

    1. "dabbling"?
      seriously? -_-

      quick question?
      Have you bothered reading.....well.....pretty much anything in the article, let alone the entire blog?
      I don't comment on almost any blogs, but this is one blog I keep re-re-re-visiting because the author's articles are of very sound mind, reasoning and rationale.

      For the sake of brevity, all I'll say is "Please click BACK on your browser and spew your "pearls" elsewhere.

      - Temperamentvm

  6. lol@anonymous.

    Accusations of "dabbling" based on a disagreement with their technique or approach always leads to the accuser looking like a complete fucking moron when they finally start working with the angels and finding out the angels don't give a shit.

    It shows how little you've done with the Enochian spirits, frankly. Yet the strength of your conviction must come from somewhere, and if not experience, then what's left? Study? Doctrine? Fucking occult theology or some shit? Maybe it's good old grimoire-thumpin' fundamentalism!

    What the fuck ever.

    Do some magic, then your observations will have merit, will lead to understanding, and won't waste magicians' time.

  7. @Paolo

    Thanks you kindly!


    You clearly didn't read this article at all. Le Sigh.

    @Fra RO

    Hahaha....perfectly said, and thank you for saying it! Some people.....

  8. yeah, no sense of style. If I were going to make fun of you for using the elburp, I'd at least throw in an accusation of conjuring nyarlathotep or something. Ia! Ia!

  9. Ha, I know, right? And then there's this:

    " No QC, no LBRP, none of that. Just the Calls..."

    I specifically say in the work that I Don't use the LBRP, and this jackass comes in talking the above nonsense. No wonder he's anonymous.

  10. hmmmm... maaaaaybeeeee...

    Maybe he was agreeing with your dropping of the QBL stuff and was just being a dick about it? Maybe he was snide-commenting the folks who would still include the GD stuff, but would, by implication, think you were on the right track? A left-handed compliment perhaps.

    Meh. Still a troll, regardless of intended target.

  11. I did an experimental self-initiation using the Calls back in 2001, and my life has never been the same. Bad and Good both. I haven't done anything more with them for decade. Maybe it's time to get back on that horse.

  12. Oh, I just love how the universe works! I was pondering of simplifying the way of working with Enochian Magick, actually along the lines you described! And I just found your post :-) Thank you for the confirmation!

    Two questions:
    1) did you memorize all the calls?
    I just memorized the first and that feels good. I intend to do the rest.

    2) Where did you get the attribution of the calls from?
    It seems different then using the 1st for general invocation of God-force, 2nd for akasha, 3,4,5,6 for pure elements and the rest (except 19) for the sub-elements/angles

  13. Mr Bradford, a big fan of your work and a buyer as well.

    As for my misphaps of doing the memorization while intoning happened when i did this w/ Donald Michael Kraigs work, i have always been a slow learner growing up and did a real practice to memory work w/ gusto on one of his rituals. Can't remember, but the next day, just 10 mins before waking up. Seen in my dream,"Beware the Vengence of YHVH", tho' took me a while to figure this, tho' pretty much guessed i was jerking these beings around like u would an animal on a leash.

    So yeah, great post on these matters, i find this topic very important.



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