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Attn: Hermetic Alchemists

Just a quick note. There are a ridiculous amount of Alchemical writings that are packed with nonsense. It's min-boggling. So.....I think we're duty-bound to share with each other the available and published texts that are clearly written by an initiate. The ones with proper understanding of the substance and the goal. The one's I've found to be particularly solid are Philalethes, Ripley (especially his 12 Gates), Paul Foster Case, and Basil Valentine. Lu-Yen's Secret of the Golden Flower pretty much nails it as well.

This is from the perspective of one working Hermetic Internal Alchemy, and not external analogical Alchemy. Which is still awesome and still effective; just not as effective nor as powerful in the working as direct Internal Alchemy...from what I've surmised. My primary Alchemical mentor has experience with Spagery, Internal Mineral, and External Mineral alchemies, and seems to have found value in the lot.  For external alchemy, I can't imagine it gets much better than Fulcanelli. There is also Jean Dubois' course on mineral Alchemy given with the Philosophers of Nature. I've got both of their writings, but must admit to very little work with external Mineral Alchemy.



  1. The emblems of Splendor Solis.

    There are many alchemical texts that open up once there is a key. We could pinpoint the entire process yet the true value lies in the eye of the beholder who can himself tell the puffers apart from those who write from the point of view of possessing the philosopher's stone.

    private message me at some point good frater.

    Pearls and swine etc.


  2. They all need the key to open, true enough; ability to discern the real deal from that written by puffers comes late in the game....and life is short. I hate to see folk wasting their time, when so much is needed already to penetrate the Alchemical Corpus. We don't have to lay it all out, true enough, but placing a torch on the path is a duty. =)Especially since I seriously doubt I'll be making any Emblems soon, haha. Will definitely pm you, Frater.


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