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Steampunk Enochian Keyboard


I though I'd share another interesting piece of gear I've been blessed with. I commissioned this a couple of years ago from a gent named Datamancer; I had an idea about typing Enochian incantantions using it as my Wand....I was experimenting at the time with using electronic communication to work magic.

 This first experiment involved  an attempt to communicate visionary information electronically. The idea was to  communicate/induce visionary experiences within the recipient. I thought this would be especially valuable for a cell-based modern Order that I'd been batting around, where there are no Lodges, just webs of interconnected Magicians, much like our current Blogosphere. More of an Association than a proper Order, I suppose. Perhaps I'll write the idea up, it needs much more fleshing before I could. The technique involved creating a Sigil with the description of the planetary/astrological/elemental vision, empowering it with the Enochian incantation, and then sending the Sigil and incantation to the recipient over email. The recipient would read the incantation internally, then meditate upon the Sigil. From there, hopefully, the vision would unfold. I haven't done enough experiments with others to say one way of the other whether the technique is very effective, but it did work the one time I tried it. I do think it would be useful to have the ability to induce powerful visions in persons who aren't yet skilled in Ceremonial Magic or Scrying. 

Anyway, I digress-keyboard in all it's brassy, leather-y goodness below!




  1. OK that hits all my geek buttons, holy crap! How cool is that!!?

  2. Niiiiice. I really do need to introduce you to a few folks...

  3. @ Fra Balthazar

    Thanks bro!

    @ Fra Jack

    Don't tease me, now. We live in the same State, and close at that--I do believe coffee and/or magical debauchery are fully in order here, and soon.


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